Welcome, Joni and Friends Families, to Shepherds College Online!

2 Free Courses for Joni and Friends

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Sign up today for two free courses for Joni and Friends families. Plus access to all bible courses that are always free to everyone. 

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We're thrilled to have you here. Our platform is specifically designed as a resource for learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities, offering a diverse range of engaging and educational courses to foster personal growth, emotional well-being, and career readiness.

In celebration of your arrival, we're excited to provide Joni and Friends Families with complimentary access to two of our most popular courses - "Circles of Control" and "How Big is My Problem". These courses are part of our Social and Emotional Skills category, providing valuable strategies to help you navigate challenging situations.
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Life Skills

Manage effectively 
the demands and challenges of everyday life

Workplace Readiness

Promote essential work behaviors for obtaining and maintaining workplace success

Personal Growth

Develop self-awareness,
self-esteem, and positive interpersonal relationships

Faith Journey

Grow spiritually through foundational truth rooted in scripture
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