When you learn in an environment
designed specifically for you,
you thrive.

Our mission is to empower you to live a fulfilling life by providing  a uniquely designed learning environment to discover and maximize your potential. 

A Uniquely Designed Learning Environment

Shepherds College Online is designed with you in mind.   We understand how difficult it can be to learn in an online format.  Our instructors use a muli-sensory approach with online activities to help you engage in what you are learning.

Discover and Maximize Your Potential

We believe that God created you on and for a purpose.  At Shepherds College, we want to help you discover that purpose through the development of life, social, work, and faith skills.  

Be Empowered to Live a Fulfilling Life

We know that adulting is hard.  At Shepherds College Online, we are committed to teaching skills that have relevance to life, real life.   Our classes will provide you with continual practical lessons to support you with achieving your real life goals. 

Our Great Team

Creating a uniquely designed learning environment just for you.

Elyse Cyr

Shepherds College Instructor
Elyse joined the Shepherds College team in 2010 as an academic advisor and instructor specializing in the Bible Department. In 2013, Elyse Cyr was honored as one of Exceptional Parent Magazine’s Exceptional Educators in the field of Special Education based on her extraordinary dedication, creativity, and caring for her students with intellectual disabilities. Elyse’s heart and passion are for students to develop a relationship with God and a passion for telling others about Jesus. Elyse is married to her husband, Matt, and enjoys spending time with her two children, Grace & Emet.

Sarah Kolkman

Distance Learning Coordinator
Sarah Kolkman joined the Shepherds College team in 2012 after graduating with a degree in Education with a specialty in Learning Disabilities. Over the years, Sarah has developed and taught several classes including: Personal & Professional Development, Money Skills, and Money Management. When creating lessons, she always asks , "Would I enjoy being a student in this class?" It is important to her that students have a hands-on experience in the skills they are learning.  

Kristen Lewis

Shepherds College Instructor
Kristen received her Master's degree in Urban Education from Union University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Special and Early Childhood Education from Cedarville University. She considers herself a lifelong learner and has taken ongoing education in disability ministry, behavior intervention, and trauma healing. Her love for people and learning led her into education, and her love of running, reading, and traveling propel her into regular adventures. She currently teaches first and second year employment courses at Shepherds College. 

Becci Terrill

Creative Director
Sharing the love of Jesus in creative, engaging ways is something Becci is passionate about. She’s had the opportunity to do this as children’s pastor, volunteer administrator, teacher, author, and mom. She’s excited at the opportunity to share God’s love with people all over the world through Shepherds College Online. If Becci’s not at Shepherds College, she and her husband, Tracy, are probably with their granddaughter or two Keeshonds.

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