Lesson series: Personal Growth

How Big is my Problem?

We all have problems: a difficult school assignment, slow technology, or a frustrating sibling.  We experience problems daily.  Just like people, problems come in different shapes and sizes. It is essential to recognize the size of each problem. By identifying the size, we can react and respond in the way people expect. When we behave expectedly, we have a better chance of resolving the problem safely and healthily. 
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Meet the instructor

Sarah Kolkman

Sarah Kolkman joined the Shepherds College team in 2012 after graduating with a degree in Education with a specialty in Learning Disabilities. Over the years, Sarah has developed and taught several classes including: Personal & Professional Development, Money Skills, and Money Management. When creating lessons, she always asks , "Would I enjoy being a student in this class?" It is important to her that students have a hands-on experience in the skills they are learning.  
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