Lesson series: Faith Journey

Introduction to Bible Study - The SOAP Method

SOAP is an acronym, or word formed from the first letter of each word it represents. The S stands for Scripture, the O stands for Observation, the A stands for Application, and the P stands for Prayer.   This course will provide you a basic understanding of each aspect of the SOAP Bible study method as well as practice conducting a Bible study using the SOAP method.
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Meet the instructor

Sarah Kolkman

Sarah Kolkman joined the Shepherds College team in 2012 after graduating with a degree in Education with a specialty in Learning Disabilities. Over the years, Sarah has developed and taught several classes including: Personal & Professional Development, Money Skills, and Money Management. When creating lessons, she always asks , "Would I enjoy being a student in this class?" It is important to her that students have a hands-on experience in the skills they are learning.  
Patrick Jones - Course author